Strong consulting for a strong vehicle fleet

Everything that has got four wheels and moves a lot, is the profession of Astera. Because we want to put things in motion too. Whether skid steer loader and wheel loader, dumper or many other construction machines: Together with our customers we steer in productive future. Assembly line supply and batch production are included.

Companies of the construction machinery industry are assuredly well-advised by Astera and can always rely on our approved shirtsleeved support.

Do you want to have an example? Voilà:

Not only logistics and varnish are in safe hands

Namable construction machinery manufacturer trust Astera, when structuring the internal logistics or a new paint team. Astera could prove comprehensive industry and staff competencies, as our interim manager assured the targeted production quantities with the aid of a consistent leadership of employees, the construction of organizational structure and workflow changes of goods receipt for the repacking zone. Optimally organized handovers to logistics managers of the company lay the foundation of remaining the same in the future.

The measurable result of another project in this branch: high increase in output within only three months headed by Astera. By means of temporary management, the construction of the whole paint team and the exhausting of the plant, Astera was not only able to prepare a functioning two-shift operation, but also to hand a mature logistics concept for partial supply to the new paintwork manager.

We could tell you a lot more about our work and our projects. But we prefer to do it in a personal talk. Here you can find what other clients say about the work we do.