Durchlaufzeit stark reduziert, Produktivität gesteigert

Greatly reduced throughput time, increased productivity

As in many cases, also in an Austrian company, the task was clear: to reduce the throughput time in the production. In cooperation with Astera this aim could be achieved and additionally the productivity was distinctly increased.

The foundations for the increase in productivity lay in a continuous order and material planning, an optimization of the material supply processes, a redefinition of information flow, a reduction of buffer support between the process steps and in an automatic response of the manufacturing time and the net weight to the ERP-system for post calculation.

Key figures confirm production optimization

Because of the production optimization a shortening of the cycle times from more than 25 working days to 12 working days was possible eventually. The permanent order and material planning, that included the optimized material supply processes, meant an efficient 20 percent increase in productivity, which emerges unequivocally from the parallel structured key figures. 

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