Delectable balance sheet after hard times

When the order situation stagnates and clients invest sparsely, one theme gains center stage inevitably: the costs. These are examined on the production side as on the procurement side. It does not work out without restructuring measurements.

Who wants to cut his costs, has to be ready to dig down to the roots deeply: the structure of the company`s departments. Like that client specialized in general plant construction, who could generate a positive result with the aid of Astera, only one year after the negative accounting year 2010. 

Project has been finished – Costs were reduced considerably

The medium-sized company has to cope with a little promising order situation, conditioned by low investment activity of the industry. In December 2010 Astera took over the mandate and in the same month we started under the title “project management”, the functional and personnel realignment of the department, as the construction of controlling tools. Two months later a system standardization project with the view to reduce production costs was tackled. In June 2011, the construction of strategic purchasing department followed in order to reduce the procurement costs. At the end of the year the mechanical manufacturing was placed on a new footing by outsourcing sub-areas.

The result of the whole project attended by Astera, was impressive: greatly reduced production costs for standardized process islands, appreciably fewer procurement costs in all adapted purchasing groups as a more favorable acquisition of mechanical components compared with former in-house production. On balance: a positive accounting year for this customer.

You see: Astera could give proof of the widespread competencies in numerous industries. Here you can inform yourself about the industries.