How you can plan your resources easily

Which system of enterprise resource planning do you need? And which vendor is the best one? It is not easy to choose the right ERP system (enterprise resource planning). The next obstacle is the implementation. Eventually optimizations help to bring the best out of existing systems. That is a terrain, on which Astera travels neutrally, objectively and assuredly.

Only they, who know their requirements exactly, will be contented on a permanent basis with new acquired software or can use an already existing solution effectively. Astera knows how the ERP system (of your choice) investment will pay off.

From ERP tendering to individual solution

In terms of the screening, Astera first examines the organizational and IT related situation carefully together with the client. In this case products, core competencies, processes and responsibilities equally contribute as infrastructure, systems, hard- and software. Then the requirements are defined. An assessment matrix, in which diverse systems get evaluated objectively and are contrasted with individual needs, is an essential part of the ERP tendering. Heading for the decision on the ideal alternative, clients profit from excellent knowledge of the trade and the Astera network what enables reference visits in companies, which work with the preferred system.

Implementing as sticking point

After the purchase decision Astera’s work has not been finished. Our competent accompany during the implementation ranges from technical installation, data transfer to activation. Profound know-how makes it possible to develop optimizations.
Thus, an already existing system becomes what it should be: the ERP solution of choice for your company.