Welcome to Astera Consulting!

If you want to redevelop, optimize or restructure the corporate processes of your industrial company, you are exactly at the correct address, when contacting Astera. In all of these consulting segments, we can not only point to the knowhow, we collected for many years. Rather we tackle every task, our customers set dedicatedly and considered in minute detail.

We do not bring the stars directly down from the sky for you, but we pave the way for your company to the new spheres of success. With passion and consistency, we put our company´s philosophy “Per aspera ad astra – There is no success without work” into practice.
Delivering pretty speeches without substance? We confidently leave that to others!

Clients about Astera

Executive director Neuson Ecotec GmbH

Richard Schinnerl: “The day-to-day production of the two segments, forest technology and environmental technology run on smoothly during the whole relocation of our company thanks to the cooperation with Astera. The restructure of the enterprise at the handy of the integration of two previously juridical autonomous companies was successful with the aid of our competent consultants.”

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Company manager SunWin Energy Systems GmbH

Konstanze Wolf: “Astera has developed a completely new assembly layout for us. The production scale, the commissioning and the warehouse of our growing production of solar collectors was professionally reformed and significantly optimized as a part of this. The relocation of a previously required external additional storage in our plant considerably contributed to cost efficiency. Also the material flow from stock receipt to delivery was optimized. Besides a concept for workplaces in the wood collector assembly helps us to cut the local standard times, which include the associated logistics in more than half. By means of targeted KVP trainings for the whole team, the basis was formed for a continuous improvement process, what was extremely important. The investment costs were definitely worthwhile.”

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Executive director, Neuson Hydrotec GmbH

Gottfried Hauser: “As a part of plant expansion, we doubled our production area in 2008. From an analysis of material flow to job optimization to starting up a new, fully automatic sawing center, the Astera team lends us its support. Together we reduced the processing times in assembly by one fifth and the cycle times by about 30 per cent. Our production proceeded without significant disturbances during the whole plant expansion.”

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