Confidence is good, control is better

There are many project managers. But only a few take it as seriously as Astera does. Since the key figures and control mechanisms, developed by our clients and us do not bring just a figure as a result – they entail real new knowledge. And that knowledge is, as is generally known inalienable for continuous success.

Although many companies are headed in the right direction in the matter of controlling: improvements are always possible and it does not harm to bring somebody external in, who takes a new controlling-view.

Controlling competencies do not know any branch limits

For example, Astera supports clients as project manager with the setting up of a standard quarterly report in the purchase that includes revenue reporting, business backlog and inventory as customer service. Furthermore Astera approaches the creation of a key figure system, for technical and administrative purchase as well as for service technician and guaranty. The planning of average rates and business trips, visit reports and so on were an issue in a sales project, which was got off the ground consequently in association with the development of further control mechanisms.

You see: Astera could give proof of the widespread competencies in numerous industries. Here you can inform yourself about the industries.