Inform, decide and control with the aid of key figures

Towards the end of the 19th century Heinrich Helmholtz has already said:” You cannot improve what you cannot measure.” Astera adds: “But also what you can measure, has not always the necessary significance.” Because that significance just can be achieved by intelligent links, what is rarely fulfilled usually.

Key figure systems have three essential functions: they serve the information, the decision and the control. In practice separately ascertained key figures - for example production key figures - do not say as much as desired. You cannot deduce the productivity and the load factor of your department from key figures can you?

Key figures are ascertained. And what then?

In most of the companies key figures are most prevalent in the production. In other sectors there is often a backlog demand. Although key figures and monthly reporting are compiled regularly, their impact is restricted, because interpretations and budget comparison are missing. Let alone the acceptance of key figures.

To miss the forest for the trees

Astera accompanies enterprises throughout the „jungle” of key figures right up to automated data capturing and calculation, which is naturally submitted to a plausibility check. As experienced consultants we structure cost accounts in a way, so that you get a real overview of the company. We bank on selected, meaningful results, which represent the facts in the plant validly, transparently and comprehensibly. Since we know from experience: That is the only way, employees accept and make use of performance assessment.

Here you can find a successful case study that shows our competencies in the matter of key figures and control systems.