Corporate development and technology – a perfect couple

It will take you a long time to find a corporate developer, who is on the ball as Astera in the matter of machine engineering and plant manufacturing. Hydraulics, electrics, theory of design and drive technology – all of them stir our experts´ blood. We are always focusing on the best for your enterprise.

Machine engineering and plant manufacturing companies are assuredly well-advised by Astera and can rely on our approved shirtsleeved support.

Do you want to have an example? Voilà:

Temporary management, new technology and work removal

An Austrian company, setting standards especially in the forest-biomass and the environmental technology sector, allowed Astera to support them with the introductory training of a new executive producer by acquiring the position of an interim manager. Among others, Astera managed the leadership of employees as the structure of a new assembling organization, which included supply from the stock and divers logistics processes. The candidate was professionally accompanied from the introductory training to the handover.

The same client trusts Astera a second time when structuring the technique anew: From the job description to methods and procedures and key figures to technology journal, our professionals contribute their competencies. In another project we could prove, that Astera is optimally constituted in respect of work translocation and always up to speed.

We could tell you a lot more about our work and our projects. But we prefer to do it in a personal talk. Here you can find what other clients say about the work we do.