Having a lock on production

Who attends to production planning, must not only concentrate on the optimization of the production system. Planning and control parameter require a current adaption too. Astera defines individually for your company the steps to success – and scales them together with you.

Our customers´ demands on the production are often similar: smaller storage volume, more flexibility, shorter delivery times and more delivery power while quality remains constant. But the overall conditions are different in every company. Since not only material flow but also workplace design and progressing have an influence on succeeding in optimizing production on basis of lean-principles.

Discover potentials – improve results

Like in every power range, Astera sets great value upon a holistic inspection when optimizing the production system. Because that is the only possibility to implement a continuous improvement process, which is much longer effective than the counselling period lasts. In addition to analysis and planning, our specialists enjoy lending a hand with implementation and training. For more flexibility. For convincing effectiveness. For measurable increase in value. Briefly: For more success.