Collimated competence for holistic consulting

The decision to work with Astera, means the decision for consultancy on the highest level. Our team has pooled competencies from production, logistics, IT and organization development for years. That makes us an exclusive counterpart for all problems- and a powerful, hand lending accompanist on the right way to solution. Without frictional losses.

We do not just combine competencies in our own company, but we also try to focus on existent potentialities in the enterprise of our clients. When redeveloping, optimizing, and restructuring of production- and logistics processes, we always notice the best possible structure of these processes as optimized procedures and mitigate any tensions constructively.

Astera put up the net – above all relevant sectors

Our consultants not only dispose of respective project experience and qualification in production and logistics, but also in information technology and organization development.
This forceful combination enable us to detect improvement potentials earliest possible and to strike at the heart of problems, instead of being satisfied with IT-standard solutions like many others.

With Astera, you benefit from tailor-made solutions – developed by experts, who know from their own experience what the industrial customers are talking about. All relevant areas get linked up best possible: cross-departmentally from strategic planning to technical implementation, but also across systems including all components.

You are interesting in how we make our competencies in a profitable manner into attractive service package for our clients? You can find out here.