A business developer to all intents and purposes

However the problem looks like, that sets you making use of our efficient consultancy:
Our solution is always an individual one. You must not expect standard concepts just as little as purely strategic suggestions without actions. Because we prefer to act – a principle, that helps us to celebrate constantly excellent results. Every enterprise is characterized by its own way of thinking. Our experts submerge themselves in your work environment on site, proceeding to action straightforwardly. We can ensure optimal reconciliation of all resources by delving into the whole corporate process.

Astera consultants feel well in many roles.

Which role they take on is dependent from the current problem. Mostly we operate as professional adviser and process consultant (concentrating on factual and interaction-based problems), as organizational consultant (focusing on the development of particular sub-areas of the contracting company), as restructuring consultant (in the context of strategic restructuring), or as temporary manager (that means as momentary operative line manager or project leader in the customer´s company). In the latter case we offer you intense mentoring of the planned successor as special service, which includes the transmission of professional know-how as well as individual coaching.

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