In-house production or acquisition – Astera knows what to do

Analyzing the whole purchasing volume of an industrial enterprise is often hard work.
As well as the construction of new strategic supplier relationships based on great purchasing volumes. Astera always gives companies a leg up when optimizing the purchase. The planning of control mechanisms must not miss at it.

If you are looking for an experienced partner for optimizing your purchase, you have found one – Astera. Because the sector purchase counts among those, in which we can refer to very much testimonials.

Many companies, one purpose: purchase optimization

From plant manufacturing to construction machines, meat-machines and metrology for wood processing – we have got customers from all different branches of industry. But there is one thing they have in common: the aim to optimize their purchase. The purchase offers many gear sticks, whereby the course for the future can be set anew. Whether through analysis of existing and new buying markets, rising of task and quality matrix or supplier visits on site: Astera supports their clients throughout all phases right up to a successful transformation or redevelopment of your central purchase.

Thus, our experts analyzed for instance all active sheet metal components and classified the partial volume, arrangeda pre-calculation for components to control the purchase price and carried out price negotiations for a globally acting engineering company. Not only the continuous procurement efforts for sheet metal parts were reduced in this case, but also a strategic cooperation with a new sheet-metal supplier was built.

Many other customers bank on the conglomerate know-how of Astera in the purchase sector.

You see: Astera could give proof of the widespread competencies in numerous industries. Here you can inform yourself about the industries.