Better purchasing means better marketing

Are you acquainted with the sales trend of your suppliers and their countries or the prices? Have you already coped with travel analysis? And do you dispose of standardized tools for supplier evaluation? If this is not the case, it is time for a strategic purchasing consultancy with Astera.

At the beginning of our work always comes a striking situation analysis. We examine the turnovers of each supplier as the development of sales and price in different areas. For the strategic alignment one question is central: Where are the advantages and disadvantages of the existing purchasing strategy and how this strategy, the general business strategy and the market situation correspond. In order to be objective selected key performance indicators get investigated and the suppliers as well as the countries get evaluated by use of standard evaluation sheets. We scrutinize the incorporation of suppliers in the own planning as merits of buying associations or of an efficient travel planning.

Astera services for your success in purchasing

Astera supports customers in purchasing optimization from the planning to the implementation. The structure of purchasing tools with appropriate guidelines of supply, contract management and disposal instructions appertain to the benefits. Astera organizes all relevant facts of the reporting system, a project navigation list, and the most important key figures for the purchase control. Negotiations with suppliers are prepared precisely together with the client. Finally the human resource requirement gets tailored strategically to the special purchasing needs of the customer.

Here you can find a successful case study, which shows our strategic purchasing competence.