Not just energies are renewable – corporate processes too!

As well as alternative energy sources target sustainable energy generation, Astera targets sustainable corporate development. What is more obvious for a solar panel producer than to contact an equally sustainable consultant?

Companies from the sector of renewable energies are assuredly well-advised by Astera and can rely on our approved shirtsleeved support.

We have much more than just good tips up our sleeve

2010 Astera was allowed to lend a hand in many areas with a successful enterprise of the market of solar panels throughout Austria. Not only the logistics concept of the company was critically investigated, but we also developed a workable assembly layout. The restructuring of the timber collector workplace entailed direct improvements for employees and production: ergonomic design, short commutes and clear procedures are only three of them.

After intensive analysis in the company, the material flow was restructured too and the warehousing was completely reorganized using the colour coding. To ensure safety, cleanness, and clarity optimally, the 5S method, which originally descends from Japan was employed. A KVP-workshop with the employees lays the foundation of continuous optimizations, which were consequently supported by a wide personnel base in the company.

We could tell you a lot more about our work and our projects. But we prefer to do it in a personal talk. Here you can find what other clients say about the work we do.