Restructuring without demolition

The bad news: Often company crisis are created by domestic factors. The good one: There is always a way out of the crisis. Has an enterprise its back against the wall, Astera helps to implement first important changes immediately. In order to win rapidly room for manoeuvre and comes out of the crisis strengthened.

Entrepreneurs drift into a liquidity crisis faster than expected. But Astera helps promptly. Once commissioned, Astera takes the only target-aimed path: the path of change.

Kick-off changes: the Astera QuickScan

It takes Astera just a few weeks to compile a quick, transparent evaluation of the situation by means of quick scan, including potential analysis of all departments, checking of control tools and key figures as holding talks with executive officers. Consequently we bring the potential, in the matter of productivity in production or increase in liquidity, into focus.

Prompt improvement - long-term success

Astera identifies a hundred percent with the custom situation on site and gets down to the root of the trouble together with the client. Confounding factors in the operative business were cleared up, to generate new room for manoeuvre by use of quick wins. Without demolition, but with the red pencil on the right place, we make slimmer corporate processes, an ideal allocation of employees, materials, and finances sure as the alignment of the company towards market needs and a subsequent long-term success.
The investors also profit by the rapid Astera quick scan, competent capital budgeting, appropriate prediction of the leading positions when assessing the value of participation.

Here you can find a successful case study, which shows our restructuring competence.