Thinking outside the box: Supply Chain Management

In contrast to logistics, the supply chain management (SCM) goes outside the borders of the own plant. Because of steadily increasing specialization tendencies the supply chains of companies gets more and more complex.  
At an advantage is, who is able to co-create these supply chains by means of market-oriented controlling of the flow of goods and information flow. The aim of the supply chain management is, to make the best of existing flows of goods, information and values. Astera accompanies the clients on their way to the successful SCM concept, checks existing concepts and develops concrete optimization potentials.

With Astera to the SCM concept

The optimization of available flows of goods, information and values requires an intense interlinking of logistics, production, acquisition and marketing inside the enterprise.
Across the system, that signifies the optimized interaction from the component part via the system supplier through to the final customer. Outsourcing as well as the choice of supplier has to be examined carefully. Inventory management and production quantity in the medium term are equally concerned as orders, process planning, pick lists, that sort of thing in the short term. If there are any questions regarding the supply chain management, Astera lends you its support as experienced partner – from the pioneering roadmap to the implementation with the defined measures in it and the reaching of the located milestones.

Here you can find a successful case study, which shows our competence in the supply chain management.