Limited in time, but effective: temporary management

Your succession is not ready yet to take over managerial functions, or there is a defile in the management team on any other grounds? Then it is high time for an interim solution, which holds water. Thanks to many years of experience in the organization sector, closeness to the industry and strength of implementation, temporary management á la Astera solves the problem straightforwardly but in a professional way.

Replacements not only issue a challenge to enterprises to find the right person for a position, but they are also faced by the question of restructuring concrete areas of functioning. Astera supports their clients on both counts. Our experience, the associated know-how, the available resources and our instant operational capability make us to the ideal partner of industry as interim manager.

Step by step to handover

Our temporary management clears the way for questioning, planning and controlling deadlocked processes. While working in your company, Astera examines all procedures related to the position to be filled, in detail and optimizes the throughput time. Based on an analysis of project environment, we fix concrete targets for particular domains and put together work packages with detailed concepts, responsibility definitions and allowed times, that ensure on-time delivery.

Always knowing how things stand

Our quality matrix defines it precisely, which responsibility is rooted in the company and where. This makes up the fundament for individual training schedules, achievement-oriented compensation and other additional topics which play an important part for the successful future of the company.