Factory relocation is not something annual

While relocating and constructing a factory, every detail counts. There is just one attempt – and this one has to work.  When countless contingencies have to be calculated and the time presses, an industry-related, interdisciplinary partner turns to account, who accompanies your removal with dedication and dynamism.

Particularly in the case of translocations, it is worth paying for time. Because everything should work as usual earliest possible, so that the daily business does not get affected by the relocation.

Plan – control – lend a hand

Astera is a reliable partner of industry in the matter of translocation and planning of factories for many years. Owing to many years of experience in this sector, as in organization and restructuring consulting, our experts master the whole tool palette, which is decisive for your removal project. Whether project plan and relocation concept, relocation software for trade description, process-audits, truck-timing device or layouts for the loading/unloading point: Astera keeps calm, when others start to sweat. It is impossible that your removal is so complex, that we do not find any time to hitch up our knickers.